Let Me Down Easy

by Birthright

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released June 1, 2018

Produced by Birthright & Jason Maas.
Engineered, edited, and mixed by Jason Maas.
Additional engineering/editing by Daniel Flores & Collin Dunn.
Mastered by Mike Kalajian.

All songs written & performed by Birthright.
Guest vocals on track 5 by Brian Swindle.

Birthright is:

Josh Seleski - vocals
Kyle Schaefer - guitar
Rich Orzechowski - guitar
Joe Seleski - bass
Ryan Sadler - drums

Cover art concept by Josh Seleski.
Photography & arrangement by Kyle Schaefer.
Modeling by Dennis Fonger.


all rights reserved



Birthright Baltimore, Maryland

410 soft punx

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Track Name: Midnight Oil
I'll start a new page
Trying to change
The way I feel
I think I'm losing you
Everywhere you go, its all the same
This world is all alone
The shining stars seem less bright to me

You'll find yourself
Missing the daylight

No strength for me
To keep on trying
No future for me
Just there in the night

Who knew I would be alone?
Who knew I would be here?
Who knew I would be grieving over myself?
All I can do is wish for the sun to rise,
And never come down

There's no light to guide my way
The memories are there,
Even though you're gone

Why am I still here
When you have so much more to give?
Track Name: 1999
This is a place
A place I don't want to be
Every hour, each minute passing by
Putting all I had into all that felt right

A handwritten note, rediscovered
A familiar song on the radio
Wish I could never allow myself to play
I remember the changing color of leaves
I remember the gust of October winds
Missing the feeling of hope
Missing the comfort of promises

I'm caught between too many walls
In this neverending maze
These years pile up on us
These memories cause me to shake
Track Name: Deafen Me
I'll leave this night to you
If you haven't noticed,
I'm starting to fade
Deafen me with neverending harmony

They'll sing for you,
They'll pray for us
The ones that we lost,
The ones that we left behind

The promise of everything
Slowly picking up the pieces of me

Sing me a song
Give me a reason to hold on
I'm losing you,
I'm losing me
Quick, before I drown in the sound
Track Name: Upper Tract, WV
The thought of you
Crosses my mind
Just on the edge,
Just out of reach
Every time I search for you,
You seem to fade away

I wish that you
Would believe these words
I hope to hear you soon

In the dead of night

In the dead of winter
It seems tonight
That the wind sings to me
So strip my world
Of all its color
I'll turn into someone
That I can recognize

I'll carry on this war
With myself
Rather than finding joy,
All my time
Will be spent
Growing cold
Track Name: Seven & Seven
I found simple peace in hearing you
The familiar sound that kept me around
Our flame is burning out
This is our December

I need a miracle
To leave my ghost behind

My sun will escape,
And I will lose all my faith
All my faith in you

I stumble down that road
Feel deserted in an empty town
I'll try to hold back the rain
Instead, I'll probably drown

And you can watch as my lungs fill

Drunk and alone, I'm going home
But don't you think I know
This isn't where I think I should be
Drinking down the memory of you and me

I'll hide away,
Hoping to lose touch
I'll hide away,
So I'll be out of reach
Track Name: Farewell.
I keep getting lost
In the same photographs
Trying to remember
Before you were gone

You gave me a light,
But I never saw the point

Maybe I should
Say goodbye
Before I
Don't have the chance
Track Name: Light Of Your Love
For the nights I wonder
Which blame is mine,
The sun
Slips into the sea

I can count to ten
Before I stumble
The memory of you

I try to concentrate
On the air
Rushing in and out of my lungs

I can hear your call
In the distance
As the wind blows
The entire world
Stood still
Where is this beauty
In my darkest days?

Much less than I was,
Much less than I could've been

The light of your love
Still shines through
The blame is on me
For everything I've done
Incapable of joy,
Incapable of love
Track Name: Paper Flowers
Dear darling,
The past few days
Have been hell
Searching for the light
That I could never find
That I could never reach

For the days you harbor
For the years you let go by
I thought I finally let you go
Why am I feeling this way?
Why am I here with you again?

We have faded in our colors,
Like worn, paper flowers
Losing what made us unique

We have faded in our colors,
Like worn, paper flowers
Giving up on feeling complete

Even the wind still calls your name
I can hear it in the breeze
It echoes through the treeline
It's not the same sound it used to be

There will never be a place for me
Even though I'm the one to blame,
Don't let me wait here in the dark
Track Name: Exist
I'll paint the world in grey instead of color
Sometimes I think a wish would be wasted on me
I could simply pass without existing
Just know that I'm collapsing

I'm letting go,
Just as you wished
I'm moving on,
Just like they said I should

I could wish for a heart that doesn't feel
For the sun to forget to set
For a mind that can remember
These are just wasted words

Let's show them something new
Let's make them believe
Maybe then,
I won't feel so alone

I'll paint the world in grey instead of color
Sometimes I think a wish would be wasted on me
I could simply pass without existing
Just know that I'm collapsing

The only thing we can't fix is what makes us feel this way
Track Name: If I Recall Correctly
I miss the days
When I had the lingering smell of your perfume,
As we talked the hours away
I have the memories of your eyes
Staring into mine
The peace I felt while in your arms

The memories that still haunt me
That still captivate my dreams at night
The joy you gave me,
The love I felt for you
Why are these the memories I hold so dear?

How I wish I could create something more
Just something I could feel

Something so tangible,
That it will carry me through
Through the end of time
That must surely come
Something I can cling to,
Something I can feel
The memories are all that's left
Something to hold on
These memories are all that's left

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