Lost In Your Ghost

by Birthright

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released November 11, 2015

Written and performed by Birthright.

Produced by Birthright and Adam Cichocki.

Engineered, mixed, edited, and mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios in Bayonne, NJ.

Artwork by Chelsea Tyler.



all rights reserved


Birthright Baltimore, Maryland

410 soft punx

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Track Name: Chosen Skin
It happened when we chose this damaged skin instead of wings to hold the river back. Should we find worth in wearing it again? Short hand gestures appear in our mirrors to repair all the burnt bridges inside. Polish us clean. Repair us from the inside. Some days feel shorter. Some days, the pain consumes me. Some days, I wish that I would fade away. Some days, I think I'm the violent one. The sun shines in from the small cracks in the horizon. The light somehow filters through. The rubble of the city men have built for living serves now as an open grave.
Track Name: Séance
After all this time, I have collected different memories. But harmony still seeps through the distortion. I'll stand above, observing the destruction. I've betrayed myself. I've thrown away my hope. Right now, I'm anxious of losing everything. After all this time, I have collected different memories. So I'll greet the pain like it's a friend. I clearly spoke. I got lost in your ghost. With that aside, tomorrow is the day that I will end all of this rain.
Track Name: What Lingers
I touched down on your shore less than half the man from your memories. Just give me something to prove. You're what's pounding in these veins. Wander in an endless maze. Tangled flesh, eternal minds, and together sing forever's name. I know I'm lost to this world. You can hear the cry of the unprepared. We just collapsed from rebuilding, exhausted and unsure. Tell me what you see. What is it that you hear? Or can you even feel what lingers beyond the limit of the conscious mind? Of all the miles a mind can walk, you just stand still. This distance you have invested in is empty. A gift to the shallow soul.
Track Name: Voice Like Mine
I haven't forgotten that I am just one man; that I am just one voice attempting to stand out from the crowd. I remember that I have fallen amidst the noise that surrounds me, and that sometimes it gets too loud. I know that I can't sit here and expect my silence to evoke the change without reason. Something to take the pain away. I can see that I don't know everything; that I can't expect my hand to always be held. I can feel that time is slipping by -- that it will be gone if I just stand still. I have heard there's a million voices that sound like mine. that also want to be heard. I know I won't see all of the places I wish to go. I know I'm not ready for all that the world demands from me. You don't always have to hold me down. I haven't forgotten now that I'll have to grow old, and someday live without your voice.